Course begins October 7th, 2018. Spaces still available.

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Do you feel a burden for the tribes or people groups that have never heard the gospel?
Do you feel like you need to be gain a better understanding before venturing out?

Frontier Missions Training could be for YOU!

Subjects include:
● Orality
● World Religions
● Biblical foundations and mission awareness
● Self leadership and team development
● Church planting
● Primary health care
● Small group teaching
● Community development
● Creative storytelling

This focused training is an intensive four week course aimed at giving you that boost to get out and begin your missional journey.

Based in our center in Cebu, Philippines, you’ll learn how to share the gospel in new ways, especially to different cultures and language groups. Many of the unreached tribes have no written language, so a key part of this training is orality, where you can learn to share the Good News as Jesus did, by telling stories and asking good questions.

All the teaching staff are experienced missionaries with a wealth of hands-on knowledge.
Come and be part of the Great Commission…

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