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The FM Center

The Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions Center (FM Center) is a training hub aiming to disciple or train young people to disciple others and to discover their role in fulfilling the Great Commission within their sphere of influence.

Our ministries include:

  1. Mission training
  2. Student/Sponsorship Ministries
  3. Blessed Hope Fellowship

Youth With A Missions Frontier Missions

YWAM FM is that circle of people in YWAM who have been gripped by a calling to work among those who have no opportunity to hear about Jesus in a way they can understand.

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Jesus transforms the lives of individuals, families, communities and nations, so people who find Him also discover that His blessings influence and improve every area of their lives. This belief is reflected in YWAM FM’s efforts to share what Jesus called the kingdom of God. We’re not solely interested in proclaiming the message of Jesus in a way that can be understood. We also want to see disciples of Jesus meeting together to worship Him, learning to obey His teachings and join in His global purposes, and producing other groups of disciples who will multiply and spread His teachings to the farthest corners of the world!

Alongside this, we aim to introduce the blessings of God’s kingdom where they are not yet seen by providing for the poor and needy through agricultural projects, income-generation projects, health care, clean water initiatives and education and other opportunities which enable people to lead productive, fruitful lives. This is what Jesus called us to when He directed us to pray, “Your kingdom come…on earth, as it is in heaven”!

This is no small task! The YWAM FM circle includes men and women of all ages from many nations, with a wide variety of skills and experiences. They share a determination that no one should be left out of the kingdom of God; they share a faith that Jesus will make their efforts fruitful in even the most challenging of places; and they share the courage required to be among the first to take Him to the last to hear.

Meet Peter & Fe

YWAM Frontier Missions in Cebu is made up of several volunteers and student-leaders. The FM Center and other work done by Frontier Missions is overseen by Peter and Fe Raddatz.


Peter & Fe Raddatz

Leaders of YWAM FM Cebu

Peter & Fe are a German-Filippina couple with a passion for reaching the last, least and lost in Asia. They have a particular desire to train-up people to reach unreached people groups - those that have never heard the gospel.

Interested in getting involved?

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